In a GTA Online Update

I thought about this earlier and as it just came to me, I tweeted out a small list, then deleted it to blog it instead. This way, I can explain why I would like to see the three things implemented in a GTA Online update.

An in-game clock above the minimap.
Why? Well, when you’re taking cars to Simeon and selling them at Los Santos Customs, it’s hard to keep up with the time in-game unless you keep pressing start to bring up the pause menu. (Although, you can’t pause in GTA Online, but you know what I mean.) You can sell cars every 24 hours (approx 48 minutes real time), so to be able to keep track of time would help. You can make up to $9,500 every in-game hour selling the right cars.

The ability to see who’s talking by bringing up the player list.
If you’re not right next to someone who you can see is talking by the icon above their head, you don’t know who is speaking and especially in open public lobbies. Sometimes, a person will join and have noise coming through their mic. Be it music or like it’s inserted in their body somewhere other than near their mouth, so you have a couple of options; tell them to stop/shut up or mute them.

You could always take a third option of finding them and killing them over and over, but you don’t know who they are and the only way to find out is through the tedious pause menu and options. A much easier way would be to show the voice icon you see in the options player list in the player list available as you press Down on the D-pad and maybe have a mute option when you highlight their name.

Easier money deposits.
You’ve just robbed a couple of convenience stores, delivered a special vehicle to Simeon and sold a Gallivanter Baller at Los Santos Customs, leaving you with about $22k in your pocket. You’d better bank that cash befo.. *CRUNK* WASTED

While you were standing around online, someone came and ran you down and now you’ve lost $500. Yeah, maybe you could have gone somewhere safer, but you’re in a public lobby and level 294 guy has decided to go psycho in a tank. If only there was a quicker, easier way to deposit all those GTA $$$…

Anyway, those are a few things I think would make life a little better in Grand Theft Auto Online, do you agree? What would you like to see in an update? Nothing technical like blocking glitches and exploits, those are obvious, I mean things which would enhance the game and your enjoyment of it!

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment with your thoughts.