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How To Get a Race-worthy Car for Free

You’re playing GTA 5 and you want to do some road races with Franklin, but as you don’t have the millions of dollars you get after investing on the stock market during the assassination missions, you need something more… gratis.

When you arrive at the race meeting, it’s always better to arrive in a car which can perform with the best of them and not some average roadster or beat-up station wagon. It’s always a good idea to check out the cars on the same road you can find the Adder as they’re usually high performance cars due to it being the posh area of Los Santos.

Or, when you arrive at the race, wait until it’s too late to enter, the people standing around the car already there will just walk away, leaving you with a car to use. An example is the one in the image which is a Benefactor Feltzer, not just a basic model, but one that has been upgraded.

It’s classed as a sports car, so is ideal for racing, but because it’s from a race meeting, the engine has been improved and is all ready for being used in street races! Oh and the good thing is, you’re not stealing it, so the cops won’t come after you.