The Quest for Extra Rare Stuff

I’ve been playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on my Android tablet since about the day of release and it came to a point where it threw a whole lot of stuff at you and ended up with some stuff being left behind.

This stuff mostly consisted of obtaining rare stuff to unlock characters, but then that stuff became extra rare and even though you were making characters do the tasks to get the item required to unlock a characters’ costume, you weren’t rewarded with the item at the end of the task.
An example of this is Quagmire. All I needed was ONE Poncy Hat (the actual name of it in the game) to unlock Navy Quagmire and the only way was to get Seamus to sing shanties. Although that task only took four hours, I did it LOADS of times until…
FINALLY! The hat was mine and Navy Quagmire was created in just five seconds. FIVE SECONDS! I had to wait SIXTEEN (16) HOURS to unlock a couple of other character costumes, but anyway, Navy Quagmire was the last costume to create.
I think the trick is, don’t think you HAVE to do everything as soon as they open up. If you have other things to do, finish those first, because when you have to start collecting items for other things, items for older stuff gets rarer and rarer.
Leave that exclamation mark floating above their head for a while and complete other things first. I still need just one more eyeshadow to create Goth Chris, but do you think I can get it..?!