Van Halen Times Day

That time of year again when women say, “Oh you don’t have to get me anything/a lot, just a card will do.” and you know that’s not the case. What women is ever satisfied with “just a card”?

Although retailers, or at least some of them, won’t admit to pandering to these yearly events, they fill their stores with the usual smattering of guilt. Then it’s all about what you buy them.

Do you know your partner enough to achieve serenity? Are they on a diet? Chocolates are out of the question, but then there was always that low fat option which taste icky, but THEY WANTED THEM!

There really is no perfect gift. I could go on about various reasons why, but it would take all day. So yeah, you may be better off sticking on some headphones and listening to Van Halen instead of facing Valentine’s Day.