The GTA V Family Reunion

Due to fun-spoiling idiots on GTA Online that I couldn’t be bothered facing, I decided to play some more of the main game and as I’d got to the heist where you get the FIB disk drive, I’d also opened Michael’s Family Reunion mission.

The mission itself was easy, even though I still only managed to get Silver for not doing it fast enough. After completion, Amanda answered a phonecall and left the house, so I decided to follow her to see what happened.

GTA V's Michael and Amanda

She just walked up to the nearest road corner and stood there. I couldn’t do anything, not even talk to her, so I stood next to her and snapped a pic.

I sometimes follow people to see where they go and what they do, because they’re not meant to be followed. They don’t really go anywhere or do anything, but it passes the time between missions.