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Getting in Some GTA Online Time

I figured I’d have a go at playing some GTA Online with the mindset of starting a new character and just getting on with it, if someone kills me be it accidentally or on purpose, I don’t really care.

There are always dicks on every time you connect, at least one will be on the same server and as my experience has told me today, some of these dicks seem as young as 8 years old.

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing some little child squeaking online in a game that isn’t meant for anyone their age, but then you have to blame the retarded parents for that.

I really fail to understand the mentality some people have about the need to kill someone as soon as they see them. You gain nothing from it, no XP, just some sadistic little thrill to satisfy their obviously serious psychological issue of causing harm to another human.

I know it’s only a videogame, but you have to see it for yourself just what people do in an effort to grief other players. Some actively seek out victims by any means necessary, whether on foot, by car or, and I’ve seen this first-hand, use a helicopter or tank to hunt them down and blow them up.

There’s an option to report people who do this and I hope Rockstar don’t think that people would do so without good reason. The message that comes up as you report them says that you yourself could face some kind of disciplinary action for abusing the report feature, but I would think only people who have had enough of being constantly killed by the same person over and over for no reason would take the time to report them.