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The Death of a Tablet

Maybe death is going a bit too far, it’s more to do with my new (refurbished) Acer Iconia B1-A71 Android tablet’s mini USB port malfunctioning, meaning I can’t charge it.

Not being able to charge it means it’s pretty much dead as once all the power is drained, that’s it, game over. This now means we have to fork up with postage to send it back and either get a refund or replacement.

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To be honest, it’s a great tablet, but the 512 MB of RAM is quite restricting, I got the out of memory message a few times within the first couple of days of owning it, so I can see why people prefer to have at least 1 GB.
The 8 GB of storage was fine, but for some reason, I started getting ‘running out of storage’ messages and I couldn’t figure out why. I may just go for the refund and put a bit extra towards a Zoostorm SL8 mini2 tablet which has some impressive specs, the amazon reviews give me doubts though.