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A Blog To the Past

Sundays are just too relaxing. Once I’d prepared the dinner and got it cooking, I didn’t have much chance to do a lot before it was cooked (only took about 45 minutes) and dished up.

I had one of the bottles of beer I received from my Dad for my birthday and within a few hours, I felt tired. In those few hours I’d played some more Borderlands 2 and more specifically, the Mighty Morphin’ mission as given by Sir Hammerlock.

Sir Hammerlock
Image courtesy of BL4UPUNKT

I don’t think Sir Hammerlock realises just how difficult his missions can be, it’s not that easy trying to kill a Mutated Badass Varkid, although, once you find a strategy, it can be made a little easier. But then, it’s only like other missions which seem to take longer than they should to try and eke out the gameplay.