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Websites Don’t Know Their Own Website

With Christmas just gone, my birthday is just a couple of weeks after and as I’m now actually over 40, there isn’t much I want or need, so I just had some money from my Mum and Dad to go towards something.

I originally wanted to get a Kindle, but a couple of problems were that it only does one thing and I really wanted a tablet. An Android tablet to be precise, so that I could just install the Kindle app onto it and use that and have access to other functions and apps.

After some searching, I found a tablet on which has a decent spec for the price and as it was a sellers Deal of the Week, it also came with a 16 GB (class 10) Micro SD card and some earphones… But there was no Buy button in sight.

The wife contacted Play who just suggested clearing cache (pointless as it was only cleared a couple of days before) and I mentioned them on Twitter. I posted a direct link to the product and the reply was…

Erm, OK, it’s a link to your website, but you can’t load it? So I gave details as requested…

The item isn’t listed, so it won’t appear in searches, you have to click through in other ways to get to it. That’s probably the reason it didn’t have a buy button, it was unlisted, but I can’t really blame Play for that, it would be up to the seller.

Instead, I (via the wife) ordered an Acer Iconia B1 from Tesco on ebay for just £49 and will do fine for what I want to use it for. Unfortunately for or more so, the seller is that they lost some custom and possibly not just me.

Note: Sorry this is back-dated, it was meant to be posted on the 10th, but sleep got in the way.