So, 2014 Then…

Here we go! Another new year, another promise of regular blogging, but this time I really am going to blog something once a day. It will most likely be late at night like now (23:34 1 Jan) and usually either while I’m gaming or just before I start.

I may even start vlogging, something not many people seem to do these days, it’s like they think they have to provide some form of entertainment or advice, but I’ll try something and if I can edit it properly (I recently bought Serif MoviePlus X5), then I may upload it.

Legendary weapon from defeating Scorch

As for gaming, I’m still playing Borderlands 2 and although I went briefly back to Borderlands (1), I’m preferring BL2 a bit more. I’ll be trying to game as much as I can, but I also want to get reading more and so am setting a challenge on Goodreads to read 25 books this year.

Here is a selection of 24 books, but I also have a few on Kindle (phone app version) which actually are part of the 25, meaning I don’t have to bother with the Game of Thrones or Girl trilogy if I don’t want to or can’t fit them in.

Pile of books to read in 2014

So there you go, brief plans for 2014, what about you?!