From Borderlands 2 To … Borderlands

Thanks to PlayStation Plus, I’ve been inundated with games this year (and hopefully next year too) and not been able to keep up with them, then I went and got GTA V, but that didn’t sap as much time as you’d think.

Borderlands was one of the games given to PS Plus subscribers and since I had played the PC version to an extent, I downloaded and played some on the PS3. It got to a point in which I didn’t feel like continuing and so left it for a while.

My Borderlands character

I’d forgotten what or who my character was until I checked on one of the stations, coincidentally, discovering it was Lilith when I had just found her on Borderlands 2. I did a mission and got a little sidetracked when seeing some QR codes and was finding out what they were by scanning them on my phone.

Borderlands QR codes

They’re just a bunch of funny stuff that go nowhere in particular, but because of standing there for so long, enemies started respawning and shooting at me!

So, yeah, this is my last blog post of 2013 and I plan to make it a more regular thing, but as I’ve said, not just about gaming, although that will be the main theme.

Have yerselves a good’un!