A Heads Up For the New Year

A quick post to let anyone who reads my stuff know that I’ll be using my blog more in the new year (from 2014), so that my tweets aren’t too spammy about gaming stuff.

The other thing about blogging more is to take more control over my content in the form of images and videos. Well, I say that, but it will all be handled by Google. Google+, Blogger, YouTube, it’s all there to be used in a unified way, so why not?

I know some people hate Google with a passion, but like I’ve always said, if you’re so worried about privacy and security, what do you have to hide? I’m transparent about everything I do online, it’s all there for the public to see, so I’m perfectly comfortable in taking advantage of what Google has to offer.

But anyway, yeah, all photographs and gaming images will be posted here on the blog and not so much on Twitter. I’ll also be spending more time on Google+ instead of Facebook, so for anyone who cares, that’s where you’ll find me and if you have me in a circle, but don’t want Facebook-like updates, then it’s probably better that you uncircle me.

That’s all for now, so I hope you’ve had a great Christmas and wish you a very Happy New Year!