JetPack Reaches 2.1 [Updated]

JetPack is good for having some of the features on a self-hosted installation that you would normally only find on a hosted blog and now it has reached version 2.1 which brings a whole load of tweaks and fixes, so I’ve listed them in this bonus blog post (already done todays ‘Post-A-Day’ post).




  • Enhancement: Tiled Galleries: Show off your photos with cool mosaic galleries.
  • Enhancement: Slideshow gallery type: Display any gallery as a slideshow.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: Allow zoom property.
  • Enhancement: Stats: Show subscribers in stats.
  • Bug Fix: Fix errors shown after connecting Jetpack to
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Fix bug causing errors to be shown in some posts.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Convert all images in posts when Photon is active.
  • Bug Fix: Infinite Scroll: Improved compatibility with the other modules.
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: Updated editor to fix missing file errors.
  • Bug Fix: Publicize: Don’t show the Facebook profile option if this is a Page-only account.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: A fix for photos appearing shrunken if they didn’t load quickly enough.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: A compatibility fix for posts that only have partial featured image data.
  • Bug Fix: Publicize/Sharing: For sites without a static homepage, don’t set the OpenGraph url value to the first post permalink.
  • Bug Fix: Mobile Theme: Better compatibility with the customizer on mobile devices.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Don’t show sharing options on front page if that option is turned off.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix PHP warning shown when adding a Contact Form in WordPress 3.5.
  • Bug Fix: Photon: Handle images with relative paths.
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix compatibility with the Shortcode Embeds module.

[Update] It seems a quick fix had to be applied…


  • Bug Fix: Fix for an error appearing for blogs updating from Jetpack 1.9.2 or earlier to 2.1.

You should make a habit of keeping everything up-to-date and be sure to have the latest version of any plugins, so that things keep running smoothly!

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