Speeding Up The Web

I’m always looking to streamline and optimize Mental Gamers in any way I can to conserve bandwidth while also keeping loading times low, that’s why when I saw someone mention CloudFlare (thanks @weefz), I checked out the site and saw that there’s a free option, so I signed up and started using it.

The site still seems to load at around the same speed as before, even though it’s now running through CloudFlare’s DNS servers and I’m using WP Super Cache, although, I sometimes wonder if using the cache really works OK scratch that, updated the settings to serve me a supercached page and it pretty much halved the speed to load the main page.

When I check the box for “Make known users anonymous so they’re served supercached static files.” I can shave around three seconds off the loading time as well as seven less links, I’m not sure why or what the links are, but it improves Page Rank Flow by 1% to give a total of 76%.

I use All-in-One SEO which suits me fine since I don’t need to mess around with it and can let it do what it does, I see some people use Yoast and wonder why. I tried it and just got so confused, I didn’t know what was going on, yet a friend said he thought it was a lot easier than All-in-One. How, I don’t know since Yoast SEO seemed to have so many options, it was overkill for someone like me who just wants simple and effective SEO, I guess I’ll have another go at it, but if it’s not worth my time, I’ll just stick with what works.

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