GA: It's PC To Be Skyrim

Had a go at Skyrim on the laptop, it kind of runs OK with everything low, the main problem is there seems to be a slight delay with a controller, mostly with the right stick which is used to look around, it’s not quite right.

Despite being on low settings, the game still looks pretty great, the specifications suggest you need a 512 MB graphics card, but it runs fine on a 256 MB card, although, mine is a Radeon 4200 HD with 256 MB dedicated RAM, rather than being a separate GPU altogether.

I couldn’t remember seeing Anise’s Cabin in the Xbox 360 version (as pictured above), so I even booted that up to revisit the place, but instead of encountering some guy and a bunch of dead Imperials, it was a dead treasure hunter of whom had a note on him about a weapon (I think it’s the Elven Mace of Harrowing) in a cave or dungeon, so I’ll go look for it when playing that version again.

Anyway, while still playing some Skyrim, I’m trying to get as much Oblivion gaming done so that I can catch up with where I was before having to start again due to not being able to use my old save…