GA: Back Into Oblivion

I’d been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for quite some time before Microsoft decided to give us a Cloud service to upload our saves to, the problem was, I left it a bit late to start uploading saves (I was in the process of packing away the old Xbox 360 to trade-in and upgrade), also, the Oblivion save wouldn’t upload.

So, the natural thing to do is start over…

Oblivion Character

There may be a way to obtain the old saves I have on a memory unit, but since the new Xbox 360 consoles don’t have a slot for them and rely on USB flash drives, I think looking for one of those adapter/connectors is in order as there are quite a few other saves on the unit.

Blades practicing

I was about halfway through Shivering Isles and have recently got the Knights of the Nine add-on, I don’t mind replaying Oblivion, I’ll just have to remember to return to Skyrim once in a while!

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