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GA: You're Not Getting My Chocolate

So yeah, I’m still playing Skyrim after all this time, still attempting to unlock achievements with the latest being the one where you have a bounty in all nine holds (Master Criminal). I’ve managed to get a bounty in seven of them, but I encountered a problem when trying to get bountys in Dawnstar and Winterhold.

The problem with Winterhold is that there are only two guards patrolling, the best way of getting a big bounty quickly is to attack and kill a guard, then swiftly exit before it goes too high. I’d killed every guard in Dawnstar and Winterhold without any penalty, not sure if a bug or glitch.

I had fast-travelled to my house in Falkreath (self-built via Hearthfire) and as usual, checked the immediate area for threats/enemies when this guy appeared…

Bounty Collector

He’s apparently a Bounty Collector who, as the title suggests, comes to collect any bounty you may have in a hold on behalf of the Jarl, so I decided to follow him and see if he really did go into Falkreath…

Falkreath Collector

Oh, before I go any further, I must add that when he approached asking for payment, the choices were ‘Pay 0 Gold’ and ‘I don’t have that much Gold’, so I chose to pay 0 Gold, he accepted for some reason and that’s when we followed.

Forgetting I had a bounty in Falkreath, the guards attacked, including the Bounty Collector who, despite his cumbrous size, was really rather weak and didn’t last long in the fight, so it ended up as more bounty being added instead of removed.