GA: Initiating a Sisterhood

It’s amazing how many new quests are still available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, even after over 400 hours of game time, I’m still finding things to do. I still have the option for two followers, although, I made the mistake of telling Serana to wait in a spot while I did a kill for the Brotherhood and couldn’t have her re-follow after the kill.

While remembering that I was able to have two followers, I figured that since I was at the Brotherhood Sanctuary, I’ll recruit an Initiate who, according to online sources, say that their level is the same as yours while following. Well, since I’m level 81, that should mean the Initiate will be level 81, too… right?
The main problem is that second companions don’t appear to be able to wear armour. Gauntlets (as seen in the image), boots and when they feel like it, a helmet which is strange how they sometimes decide not to wear it.
Anyway, still got a load to do, so expect more adventures soon!