GA: Companions & a Daedra

Later than planned, but as I was playing recently, I wanted to finish off the Impatience of a Saint quest, the one where you go into Soul Cairn and collect 10 pages of a book that Jiub has lost, but what was more interesting is what has happened since leaving Soul Cairn.

Mjoll the Lioness is my wife and companion (yes, my character is also female…), but she wouldn’t follow me further than the courtyard in Castle Volkihar. That was ok though, because Serana started following me as we were making our way through the castle and for some reason, became a second companion.

As the picture above shows, Serana is still following (the pic is in the library of the College of Winterhold) and I still get to keep Mjoll, no idea how or why I now have two companions, but I’m guessing it’s a glitch.

Then there’s the matter of seeing someone I never would have thought possible after completing an earlier quest…

While on a Companions quest, I had to go to Morvunskar and was quite surprised to see our old friend Sanguine there. It turns out that it’s not unusual for him to be there and since mages and conjurors take up residence in Morvunskar, you hear them fighting as you get closer to their position.