Only trying to help :(

Well, I’m not sure if anyone has logged into the blog yet, but I left a comment on the GamesBurp blog in which it was claimed that they had found Metro 2033, which is released this Friday, March 19th, at the best price.

The comment I left linked to a couple of (reputable) sites I had found it for slightly cheaper, yet as it was held for moderation, it seems I may not have made the grade to comment granted status, maybe to save some grace, who knows…


As I was only trying to help in the bid to find the best price for Metro 2033 and not cause any kind of conflict/argument/contradiction, here are the links if anyone is interested – PC for £21.49 and Xbox 360 for £32.69. I love bargains as much as anyone which is why I keep an eye on HotUKDeals to see what people have found, so I’m not claiming any one-upmanship on finding a slightly better price, just wanting to let people know of other alternatives. 🙁