MoonShell version 2.10 Stable

It appears a stable version of MoonShell 2.10 has been released, link to main site is below with a translated version of the ReadMe after the jump…

MoonShell version 2.10 stable.

This update package is package just for better sound quality. ROMEO2 update is not required when using the original sound so good.
The sound quality is like a better error. It is really subtle differences. But we should expect excessive.

How to update: MoonShellVer2.10stable MicroSD is installed please copy over.
Overwrite other files (such as skin files and configuration files) can take it all is.

How to check the version: In the file list, press the START button, the first line of the screen under “for child” has been updated correctly if it is written.

Application: 32768Hz to 44100Hz have effect only with 48000Hz. Almost all the mp3 files are in this one, and there is no effect at all music files. (22050Hz Originally okay)