Supreme Commander 2 Demo Now Available

Square Enix has released the Supreme Commander 2 demo onto Steam for all you strategists out there…

MISSIONS: This riveting, first-look opportunity for consumers contains  two levels of the tutorial as well as two missions for the United Earth  Federation (UEF), one of the three factions of the Colonial Defense  Coalition. Strike While Cold


The Cybran invasion force is on the  run. Sensors have picked up a number of operational Cybran Mass  Extractors off the coast of the Weddell Strait. Players will need to  explore the islands in the strait and successfully destroy the  extractors

Features: Naval Battle, Kraken Experimental.
Titans of  Industry

After refusing orders and refusing to surrender their  Armored Command Unit, players are now public enemy #1 in the UEF.  Colonel Rodgers has targeted New Cathedral, a colony where the players’  wife and child reside – they will need to take the most direct route to  defend the colony. Unfortunately, that means traveling through the ruins  of the Boolon Industrial Complex

Features: Air and Land Battle,  Fatboy 2 Experimental.

The PC demo is now available  via STEAM at: and the full PC version of SUPREME COMMANDER 2 will be available from  5th March 2010.