The State of Pre-owned Games

I had another few pre-owned games from Gamestation today that were 3 for £10 and even though they’re used, due to previous experience, the quality of the disks is usually good with hardly any scratches, but in the case of The Sims Bustin’ Out, I’ll be very surprised if the disk even plays.

3 for £10

The LEGO Star Wars disk is pretty bad, but should be ok with a good clean with the best of them being Destroy All Humans 2 that has some marks, but still needs a clean. How can shops accept them in such a state that it looks like someone has dragged the disk across sand, glass and concrete? Especially when they sell them on for others to buy and play, I thought they had a policy of some sort in which they cleaned and tested stuff before accepting. Yes it could be a lengthy process if someone took in a big pile of games, but to at least test the ones that look unplayable.

Anyway, I’ll give them a try in a bit and if they’re too bad and won’t work properly, back they go…

…Update: Sims Bustin’ Out disk is unplayable as suspected, so shall be returning that to replace with another copy if possible or something different.