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zOMG! I r playin

It’s Sunday, I wanted something to do, so I thought I’d check out which free games are available to play online. One of those is on Gaia Online called zOMG!, I’ve heard of it before around the net, but I don’t really know of anyone that plays it, so decided to try it for myself.


My zOMG! characterI like it, it passes the time away with all the walking around doing quests and there’s plenty to do on the website when you’re not playing the game. As long as you don’t venture too much when starting out, you should be fine and be able to level up pretty easily while collecting gold along the way which can be used to buy stuff like clothes which can make you look less of a n00b in-game.

Here’s a video of me doing an early quest which just involves locating Gnome camps and reporting back to Commander Leon for further instructions and rewards for completing tasks.

I’ve already had a few requests to join crews, but I’m only just starting out and don’t really plan on being part of a gang just yet until I’ve had chance to get further into it and level up to a decent standard.