Darksiders, first impressions

Wow. The cinematic intro was rather impressive, but then I got to play the game!


A picture taken with my mobile phone doesn’t really do Darksiders justice when the TV screen is displaying it in 1080p, but it’s pretty much the only way of showing images of the game that aren’t already pre-released screenshots on every other site. Anyway, even from the first section that I’ve played so far, you just know it’s gonna be epic when the end boss takes up almost the whole screen and you have to throw cars at him to drain energy.


The cutscenes are nicely done and despite the dark nature of the game, graphically it’s rather colourful with nice big solid characters and an immense mighty sword.


Oh yeah, and with the press of a couple of buttons, you can turn into a huge hacking demonic creature of which to take out mass enemies pretty quickly. The game is released here in the UK tomorrow (Friday 8th), but I’ve only had it a couple of days, so a review will have to wait a while, especially with the kids off school due to the weather and playing Viva Pinata…

It’s nothing particularly new in the action hack n slash genre, but it’s a satisfying entry that will keep the blood-thirsty demonic fighters of you out there happy if Bayonetta doesn’t tickle your fancy.