IMVU holliebabie

holliebabieIt’s been a while since some idiot has used my hotmail address to register for something, what makes this one a little strange is that the person is apparently female or just some guy pretending to be female in an effort to fool other guys into a trap.

The reason I’m guessing it could be a guy is due to using my email address that contains aceman, not woman, girl or any other female representation. Another reason would be because I know that sad lonely guys out there like to seek attention by taking on a female persona online, not because they’re gay, I don’t think it really has much to do with their sexual orientation, but probably because they’re pathetic little teenagers with nothing better to do and instead of going out with friends to have a real social life, they’re destined to a box of tissues and a computer with an internet connection.

An example would be one time when I was in There and a female avatar came up to me asking all kinds of stuff and basically to make out with them, but before they could ask, I said that I wasn’t going to and was told to suck their dick. Oops, a quick attempt to cover it up by saying, “…the one I don’t have..” didn’t hold any ground with me since it was too late and I knew it was really some dweeby Philipino because that ‘game’ has them doing that kind of thing all the time, but enough about that as I think I covered that in a previous post.

So anyway, Guest_holliebabie, you registered on IMVU using my email address and as the tradition goes, I request the password of the account, log in and delete it. Doing that is not illegal since I’m not hacking into anything or comprimising any private information, anyone that uses an email address they don’t own or have access to should really be careful when using them to register for stuff. If you use my details to register for shit, I have no way of contacting you and so the only thing for me to do is close/cancel/delete whatever it is and if that’s a problem, don’t come crying to me about it.