Doom³ revisited

After playing the Left 4 Dead demo a while, I felt like having a go at a game that’s no nonsense blasting the crap out of zombie/monsters/miscellaneous creepy creatures, so I thought I’d reinstall Doom³.

Doom 3I’ve had it since it was released, the 3 CD special edition that was in the cardboard sleeve/box, but I didn’t get around to playing it all the way through.

Doom 3 boxSo I’ve been playing it for a few hours in the last couple of days and have gotten up to where I was before. Of course I’m using Godmode, Sentry Guard mod and Duct Tape mod, but that’s how I want to play and am enjoying it!

Doom 3 pic 2I’m also thinking of installing Armed and Dangerous to play through that again, I kind of zipped through it before and finished it in a day, but I’ll take more time to enjoy it and have plenty of fun this time.