A map of the US, simple?

After having yet another holiday in the UK, I suggested we actually leave the country for our next one and one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Chicago.

From when I was merely a teen, I became a fan of the Bears for NFL and although I took a liking to the Red Sox for baseball, the Cubs still edge them out as favourites. Another recent favourite thing of mine to hail from Chicago is Disturbed, their Ten Thousand Fists album was pretty much the most played album of 2007 for me.

So anyway, the family ask whereabouts it is and if it’s really hot there or whatever, so I try to explain to the eldest where it is by using my hand to represent North America, being young, her mind drifted and.. well, that’s another story.. but I thought I’d look for a map to see exactly where it was and wow, how hard is it to find a map that shows just the state names and capitals?

I just wanted a nice, simple map that showed me where stuff is and not have 100 other things going on, I eventually found one and it’s pretty much where I explained it to be (in the middle, just to the right) and so all I need to do now is find out about how to get here and where to stay…