Orange fail

Well, I tried registering the SIM card for my new Motorola Razr2 V8 that I got at a nice refurbed price from Orange, but turns out that after about 10 calls to the PAYG section of whichever call center was available (usually the Indian one), I finally get told it’s a contract SIM.

Every other time I was just passed on to other people who would also take the SIM number only to tell me it isn’t an Orange SIM and for me to hold on while they fuck off and leave me until I either hang up or they fall asleep fapping to whatever pron they have up on their screen.
I eventually get pissed off with all this and tell the guy that it would be so helpful if they could explain why the SIM isn’t being recognized as a Pay As You Go card and not just the usual “this isn’t registered as an Orange SIM/phone number”, he says that it’s not a PAYG SIM and so after 2 weeks (I was on holiday last week), I get the response I was looking for.
That’s when I decide to have a look on the Orange website and see they have them at £1 each, but wait a minute, let’s check HotUKDeals first to see if there are any offers or something! Lo and behold, after a very short search, I find out that there’s a site called freeorangesimcards where I can order up to 2 free PAYG SIMs and ace is a happy monkey again… until I see that it could take 14 days for them to be delivered. It probably won’t take that long and I’m hoping it doesn’t…
Orange, get your call center in gear and teach them the difference between SIMs, it would save all the fucking around having to keep calling and for that, you fail.