robert marshall (ace.man74)

I haven’t felt like blogging this month as you can probably tell and although I had a few ideas to put a few posts in before the month is out, I just couldn’t be bothered.

This post is just to tell Robert Marshall to stop being a dick and get your own email address.

Dude, have you wondered why your eBay account hasn’t been confirmed yet? Haven’t you wondered why you didn’t even received the emails to confirm your account? That would be because you used an address you don’t have access to, just like around 5 other morons before you.

While I’m here, what’s with random people adding me to MSN? I get people adding me, then messaging me asking who I am… who the fuck do you think I am? Are people really that stupid to say, “Yeah, my MSN address is , add me and we’ll chat!”?

I could no doubt do one of these posts every couple of weeks at least about people who have tried using my Hotmail for something, but I didn’t for the last couple of occassions, not sure if any of them have found their way to here to read any previous posts, but you never know and maybe if I continue, someone may finally get the message.

Well, Robert Marshall, seems you won’t be getting that pack of Xbox 360 games you wanted to bid for since you were too stupid to realise you didn’t use an email address you have acccess to…

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