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Is this for real..?

An article on the Times website is saying that apparently, The Sims has a sociable future…

The Sims prepare for a sociable future – Times Online

I left a comment, but since there’s a chance it won’t be seen or approved (I didn’t use my proper name and email in the form), here is the reply I left..

Is this from a recent source? Like, as in today? Have they (EA) completely forgotten about The Sims Online or as it was supposed to be relaunching as, EA Land?

This makes no sense at all, yes there was news not so long ago about EA aquiring some kind of social team, but if they think that The Sims never had an online presence, they’re very much mistaken.

The Sims Online has been running since late 2002 and is still running now until August 1st when EA are closing it down, apparently due to funds not being available for the next fiscal year. Are gamers being fobbed off with usual corporate rubbish? What EA doesn’t realise is that the future of social mmo’s like The Sims, Second Life, There, etc is all about custom content where the players create their own items to either use or sell in-game, but apparently, EA thinks gamers don’t want that… yet according to this article, they do.

Make up your minds EA, first you say gamers don’t want it, then you say they do. If EA is creating a ‘The Sims 2 Online’, just say so instead of upsetting thousands of people by shutting down something that has lasted six years and was actually starting to grow in population even more.

Anyway, no point ranting about it since I haven’t played The Sims Online for around 11 days, but this is going to confuse a lot of people that don’t know where they stand with EA or TSO/EA Land.