The MMORPG bug has bitten

Hmm, I never thought I would like an MMORPG, but I was offered a copy of Lineage II with the latest expansion, The Kamael to review and I’m rather liking it.

One reason I didn’t fancy playing something like Guild Wars was due to it being PvP, Player versus Player and I’d rather play co-op style where you and a bunch of others go against monsters and stuff. Now I know you can do that, but what you also do is when in a clan or guild, you battle against other people, ala PvP and that’s what I’m not really into.

I don’t care if it sounds wussy, but that’s just the kind of gaming I prefer, I’m not a fan of deathmatch type games, been there and done that yada yada… I’m just going around doing quests and enjoying it in Lineage II, so much so, I’m even thinking of installing Guild Wars Nightfall which was something else I received to review when it was first released, but didn’t play due to my old PC being crap and if I can do the same kind of thing in that without having to worry about having to fight other people and just run around doing quests and stuff, then I’d enjoy it very much.

Maybe as time went on and I built up a decent character, then I could think about joining a guild or something, but as it is, I’m just happy doing my own thing. 🙂

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