I'm on MySpace .. again

I’m sure I already signed up at MySpace … oh wait, I did…

That’s why I was surprised to see that I’d apparently registered again yesterday…Erm, this isn't me!

Hi ace man — Thanks for joining MySpace!

Here’s your account info for logging in:
E-mail: **********@hotmail.co.uk
Password: ******

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

Please confirm your MySpace account by clicking here:

Hmm, really, now why would I;

  1. Register using my Hotmail address when I have a special GMail address for just such occassions?
  2. Use such a small password of only 6 digits, when the majority of my passwords are at least 10 characters long?!
  3. Wear a hoodie in a kitchen showing off the bumfluff on my top lip and take a photo to put on my MySpace page?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, if you’re going to register for something that needs you to have access to the email account you register with, so that you can open the email and ‘activate’ whatever it is you’ve signed up for, use an address of your own. I know what I’ve signed up with/for and when, so when I get emails like this, I may have a bit of fun with it if I’m bored or just cancel/delete the account if I can’t be arsed. 😆