Jeremy Beadle R.I.P.

Yet another British TV legend has passed on to pastures new.

Jeremy Beadle has died of pneumonia after going into hospital last week when diagnosed with it. He’d also been diagnosed with a mild form of leukaemia in 2005 of which he didn’t really seem to suffer with, but now at the age of 59, he’s lost the battle against something that takes many lives per year.

People had a kind of love/hate attitude with him, his main thing was playing pranks on people which is why so many didn’t like him, I don’t see how he was irritating since many of his stunts didn’t particularly involve him until the end where he would turn up in disguise and then reveal himself to the unsuspecting victim.

Anyway, regardless of what other idiots think, I always thought he was a nice and decent bloke who just liked a good laugh and it’s a pity that he died so young, pneumonia is harsh, but 59 isn’t that old. R.I.P. Sir Prankster.