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Well, I managed to blog a post per day in November, now I’ll just go back to my ‘blog whenever’ situation, which is usually around 3-4 times a week with maybe up to 3 posts per day.

My new monitor

The wife has got me a new monitor for Xmas which is one I’ve had early and also Guitar Hero III which, when delivered, the disk was loose in the case and was susceptible to being scratched, so to be on the safe side, she let me have that early too. The buil-in speakers of the monitor aren’t bad for general sounds, but are way too tinny for proper sounds like music and games.

Start of HL2 Ep2

Gaming-wise, I’ve played HL²: Episode One, Portal and I’m up to the part where the Striders are attacking to destroy the rocket in Episode Two. I couldn’t help but capture this image when playing Episode One, somehow, one of the combine soldiers had merged with the floor.

Combine in the floor

As I’ve been playing the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, I’ve noticed some things that I don’t remember being in the PS2 version. One of those things is in the Big Smoke mission against the Russians, I thought it was against cops in the PS2 version and I don’t remember seeing such a cool bike too…

Cool GTASA Superbike

Bit of an image overload in this blog post, so I’ll leave it there and will probably blog again in a couple/few days, ciao.