3 Red Ring Syndrome…

…I has it.3 Red Rings of DEATH

The last few days have been a bit dodgy in terms of my Xbox 360 not doing stuff and it’s only since downloading the latest update, so it seems I’ve joined the legion of sufferers that have also succumbed to the RRoD in the last few months.

I’ve had the console for 20 months and never had a problem with it, it’s in a well ventilated spot and kept as dust-free as possible, but since the ‘Fall update’ was downloaded, it hasn’t been the same. It wasn’t turning on via the wireless pad and I couldn’t connect to it through Windows Media Player, which is what I really wanted to do to test out the new DivX compatibility.

Ah well, I suppose I’ll have to carry on playing Guitar Hero II and III on the PS2 and maybe dust the Wii off and play something on that…