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A whole new record

1016 views per day on average in November, mostly to do with the R4DS, but also Vanessa Hudgens and those *ahem* images seemed to have warranted a lot of attention. I was surprised to get over 2500 visits in one day, then it turned out I was featured in a Reuters article, which was most likely the reason for getting so many hits.

The total number of views reached over 152,000 by the end of the month and I’ve only hosted my blog on WordPress for 7 months, that works out at around 21700 views per month, at least 6 times more than when self-hosting my blog.
I’ve changed themes about 6 times and after all that, I’ve come back to the original basic one I used for about the first month, it’s clean and simple, a bit like me 😛 which is why I like it. (I’m not really that simple ¬_¬ )
I’m still trying to do the blog per day thing to keep the hits up and get people interested and informed about various trends that go on the intarweb or just me rambling on about crap I’ve got or done.
Anyway, thanks to everyone that’s took the time to visit, comment or even add me to one of the various social bookmarking sites I link the posts to at the bottom! You may have noticed that I don’t link every post due to those being mainly general posts that, like this one, aren’t particularly about anything worthy of ‘stumbling’ or ‘digg’ing’, but there will be other posts that you can ‘bookmark’.