What to blog

I usually find at least one thing to blog about per day, but I’ve been playing so much Guitar Hero II that I haven’t really been looking around the net or doing much else.

I installed the graphics card, it’s not the best card I could have bought and it’s only roughly as good as an nVidia 6600, but since I’m not going to be playing any of the latest major games (except Football Manager 2008 and Championship Manager 2008, possibly others that don’t need a major spec), it’ll do for me. Not only that, I don’t think a much higher card would run well on the 300W PSU, so it’s better that I got something of below average spec.

Because of now having 2GB of RAM and the X700 gfx card, I installed the rest of The Sims expansions … except On Holiday (On Vacation for US) which I only found out when on the neighbourhood screen, so I’ll try and install it without causing too much fuss, but I get the feeling that because it wasn’t installed in order, it’s gonna take some time to sort it out. 🙁

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