My big package

Guitar Hero II box front

Oh yeah, it rocks! At around 2:15pm, a bit red Parcel Force van pulled up with my rather large package of which the almighty Guitar Hero II was inside.

Guitar Hero II box back

I couldn’t believe how big the box was, the last game I bought which had a fairly big box was the Donkey Konga Pak which had the bongo’s in, but this was way bigger.

Guitar Hero II box inside

If I had the extra cash at the time, I probably would have gone for the Xbox 360 version which I could get for £15 more, but since it’s coming up to Christmas and I’m still yet to buy the missus’ presents, I settled for the PS2 version of which I’m not disappointed with.

Guitar Hero II stuff

It’s not as hard as it may seem once you get used to it, I’d been playing the X360 demo of Guitar Hero III using the control pad and using the guitar controller is a bit trickier than just pressing buttons. I’m just glad I managed to get the red Gibson SG controller instead of the standard boring black … ROCK ON!