Non-working ROMs

It appears that there are at least 2 DS ROMs that need the ‘arm-7 fix’, what that does is patch the ROM to enable you to play it.

I won’t discuss which ROMs need patching as it’s obvious that they’re illegal copyrighted ROMs and I won’t (or even can’t) help you with any of the procedure, I’m just passing on information.

From loathsome in the GBAtemp forums:


A few dumped roms today comes with a new kind of protection, commonly referred to as the “arm7-protection”. If you try to load a protected rom on some flash carts (R4, DS-X, G6 etc.), you will receive an error that tells you that something went wrong with your save file (or equivalent) and you will not be able to play the dumped rom. In this thread, you’ll learn how to crack these roms by yourself, bypassing this protection.

If your game won’t start and gives you an error message about saving data, you most likely need the arm7-fix.
A hacked arm7.bin file can be downloaded from my web page, and will do the trick for every game (per today) that requires this fix.

Brief tutorial on how to replace the arm7.bin-file:

1. Open up the rom with dslazy and click «nds unpack»
2. A new window will now open, do not close this.
3. Copy the hacked arm7.bin-file (link earlier in this post) inside the newly opened directory (NDS_UNPACK), and replace the existing arm7.bin-file
4. Click «nds packer», select where to save the modified file and load the rom up on your flash cart.
5. Happy gaming!

So there you go. If you have any problems, I can’t help you as I’ve never done this or will ever need to and if anything goes wrong, I’m not responsible since I’m only providing information and not instructing anyone to do anything (that’s a disclaimer by the way, basically saying that if you fuck it up, it’s your own fault, not mine 🙂 ).