The bargain post

Imaginative title eh! I didn’t know what to make today’s post about, so I’ll just mention that I managed to order 2GB of Crucial RAM for a bargain price of £32.89 ($69.03USD/€47.20EUR), that should help run the few games I play better until I get a graphics card that won’t strain the 300W PSU.

Another bargain was to be had in the form of 15 Horrid Henry books for £14.99 ($31.47USD/€21.51EUR) from Red House where there’s a good selection of books for kids of between 6 months and 16 years old. The kids like to watch Horrid Henry on TV and youngest daughter recently brought home one of the books from the school library, so I think they’ll enjoy having their own books to read through.

In other recent discoveries, I found out that Alter Bridge released a 2nd album of which totally rocks and Puddle of Mudd have released a 3rd album which although I’ve listened through once, I was kinda in and out of the room and so didn’t really listen to it properly.

Now I just need to keep up with my TV progs…

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