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Friday Former Site #10

I think I’ll stop at 10, I keep forgetting due to doing other stuff and the majority of other sites I have written down have either stopped/closed down, are still popular due to being major or sites everyone already knows about, aren’t worth mentioning as they direct to a search page/are on hold/are for sale or whatever.

The site I was going to feature this time round was apparently an ‘outspoken entertainment’ site that has apparently ceased 5 years ago called Foocha!. Then I thought about EmailFinder™ which also seems to incorporate URLFinder™ now, but that’s not much use anymore.

I wanted to see if songplayer was still around, but that seems to be in one of those never-ending updating states where it’s going to be relaunched, in which millennium, nobody knows.

So, the main event of this final ‘Former Site’ is something that can test even the most avid lover of chocolate, do you think you have the knowledge to recognize the ingredients of a chocolate bar and even name it from looking at a slice?

Release those endorphins as you salivate over…

Name That Candybar!