That's Nudes To Me

There are a limited amount of games I can play on this PC due to using onboard graphics and only 512MB of RAM, but one game I can play is Sid Meier’s SimGolf.

It was a game I liked after playing a demo of it off one of The Sims expansions and since I’ve also recently found out that I can play The Sims, I thought I’d try reinstalling SimGolf and was pleased it works fine.
The course is coming along great and I appear to have around 5 George Hamiltons in residence with about 3 Bruce Springsterns or whatever his name is in the game. Anyway, one thing I can’t understand is why they say, “Geez, (name), that’s nudes to me!”
Nudes? News misspelt or some kind of weird translation? Either way it just sounds wrong or strange or something…