This weeks TV viewing

This isn’t going to be a regular thing as I don’t think it’s necessary to let people know what I watch every day of the week, so this is a summary of what I’ve watched this week and will be watching over the coming weeks.

If you blog or read blogs of what people have watched on TV every day, you need to get out more. Note to US people: Yes, programs are a day late due to me not being in the US, I’m sure you can figure out how I saw them.
Monday 24th.
The Simpsons wasn’t too bad and was actually funny, they need to keep that momentum.
King of the Hill wasn’t particularly a good season opener, the only funny bit really was the Luanne /HDTV bit.
Family Guy was awesome as usual and the Star Wars parody is probably the best I’ve seen.
Tuesday 25th.
Heroes is back and … was ok. Claire seems to be in some kind of retard school and there’s a couple of new characters we’re yet to find out the significance of. Rumours are going around that Hiro becomes the legendary Kensei…
Wednesday 26th.
Reaper was brilliant. It really did make me LOL, if it stays the same standard, it’s gonna become a major hit.
House MD is something I’ll admit to being quite new to, I haven’t watched that many and am hoping on catching repeats on TV to catch up on. Great program.
Bionic Woman (2007 TV series)
Thursday 27th.
Bionic Woman was rather good and not as bad as it could have been. Nice to see an English actress in such a predominant US TV role.
Private Practice I thought as a bit meh. Too fast paced for the style of program, I don’t think this will take off very well.
Life is something I hadn’t heard too much about and is kind of the new kid on the block, surprisingly not bad, worth keeping an eye on.
Bones had a good season starter with specific surprises and what seemed to be an open ending where the story could return in a future episode.
Friday 28th.
My Name is Earl started with a 2 episode opener, usual funny stuff, but since the UK still has 7 more episodes till the end of season 2, so I can watch those to catch up.
And that’s pretty much it, not sure if I’ll stick with Perfect Practice every week as I wasn’t that impressed with it, but the rest is good stuff and will be my weekly viewing.

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