Pay attention to me .. please :(

It’s always a laugh when someone on IRC thinks they have the most exciting thing to say … and have no response due to the lack of interest.

[20:39:09] ::: join: (TheLinx) ([email protected].**.**)
[20:39:16] [TheLinx] Hello
[20:39:41] [TheLinx] I was just checking around on Wikipedia and then I found something funny.
[20:40:35] [TheLinx] If you get finished with SC3.5 close to July, release it on the first Saturday in July.
[20:40:53] [TheLinx] Wanna know why?
[20:42:04] [TheLinx] -.-‘
[20:42:18] [TheLinx] Anyone?
[20:42:50] [TheLinx] Oh well.
[20:43:11] [TheLinx] It’s the international day of cooperativity! 😀
[20:43:45] [TheLinx] Sigh.
[20:44:02] [TheLinx] Sven Co-op pwns. Hey AdamR! Bye bye everyone.
[20:44:05] ::: quit: (TheLinx) (Quit)

Oh dear, maybe it wasn’t that exciting after all.