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Yay! Finally got a new telly

My old 24″ widescreen Hitachi finally bit the dust and wasn’t going to improve, so it’s had to be put down. So distraught was I, I found myself bored and restless, not knowing what to do since I don’t play games on the PC, not many anyway and they’re usually casual type games or emulated.

My new HD Ready LCD TVThen, fate smacked me in the jaw with an offer I couldn’t refuse, a 26″ HD Ready LCD TV for the bargaintastic price of just £199.99 (approx $404USD). I had seen an Acoustic Solutions TV for £229.99 (approx $464USD), but it seemed to have a bit too much case for my liking, which is why I went for the Wharfedale TV, not just because it was £30 cheaper.
I’m still figuring out what buttons do what, but I have to say, the Xbox 360 looks a lot clearer through it. I was so used to just seeing it through a normal (CRT) TV and how it mushed some of the graphics not just in games, but even just on the Dashboard.