Dicewars DS 0.3.8 beta

For those of you that have been keeping up to date with Dicewars, the latest beta version has been released.

Version 0.3.8 is now up with further fixes, mostly the local hotseat multiplayer mode works now much better. Meanwhile I’ve also tested the network game and it looks like we’re finally ready to continue multiplayer testing!

The fourth test round is scheduled for Thursday 20.9.07, starting at 18:00 GMT.
Detailed instructions on how to participate in testing the network game:

  • #1 Join #dicewars on blitzed irc server. All announcements and communications are done through this channel.
  • #2 Download always the latest version below.
  • #3 Test round 4 is going to start on Thursday 20th of September between 18-22 GMT with v0.3.8. The game server is now up also at other times, but I’d rather receive bug reports only from the games played during this time.

You can get the 0.3.8 beta by clicking here, unzipping onto your computer and just transfer it onto your flash cart to wherever you put ROMs. Remember, it’s a beta version and as such, not as stable as v0.2.0 which can be found on the official Dicewars site.

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