Big Brother Carole goes naked

Why? Well, Closer magazine have done a feature on ‘fuller-figured women’ and as Carole is quite the plumper, she’s stripped all and posed for the magazine.

Naked Big Brother contestant, Carole

“It’s depressing that women worry so much about their figures. I’ve always been big; my mother was big too. I’m proud of my huge boobs – I’d never have a reduction,” she said.

I must admit, she doesn’t look too bad in the pic, but I guess that’s the magic of make-up for you. I’m gonna be honest here and say she looks nice, ok, so I like plump women and I like natural big boobs even more, but she certainly doesn’t look 53 years old.
Not only has she bared all, but she’s due to be the face for Specsavers too. No doubt people will be going, “Ew” and all sorts of unnecessary rude comments (which I’ve already seen, yet not one supportive article), but I say good for her. Just because other people are insecure about themselves doesn’t mean they have to jump on the bandwagon of sad gits who have nothing better to do with their pathetic existence.
I hope she does well and gets other well-paid gigs and if people don’t like that, tough, I’m sure she’s not bothered what they think anyway, I’m not.