I’m On Reuters!

Well who’d have thought that my comment about mother’s moaning that their kids would be exposed to the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo would be featured in a Reuters news article?!

English: Actress and Singer Vanessa Hudgens In...I first noticed when I was getting quite a few hits from Woman 24, a site that appears to be news for women, by women. So, as you do, I went to the referring link to see why so many people had visited my blog…

Then more were visiting from asiaone, a news site that covers news from around the world for Asia I guess and a few other sites had also linked what was basically the original Reuters article copy & pasted.

I know it’s not that much of a big deal, but the point I was making about the mothers that were complaining should be more worried about how their kids saw the image.

I think the article about the whole Hudgens nude thing being passé doesn’t really count in my opinion, as far as I’m concerned, she’s not even in the same league as someone like Vanessa Williams, the only reason it’s such a ‘big deal’ is due to her being in High School Musical and Disney seriously frowning upon people who are ‘exposed’ to kids so to speak.

But yeah, maybe if it was someone with a higher profile, then it would have been more of a ‘WOAH!’ type of thing. If you went out on the street and asked passers-by if they knew who Vanessa Hudgens is, I’d bet that unless they had seen or heard about the nude stuff, they wouldn’t know who she was.

In fact, this has probably done her a favour by bringing her into the spotlight and becoming known and as silly as it might seem, could actually boost the profile of High School Musical even further, that’s the way stuff happens…