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What the Flock?

While I’m waiting for a trailer to upload to YouTube, I’m just testing this Flock browser which seems pretty good, but also seems to use a lot more resources than Firefox and to be honest, you could probably find an extension for Firefox that does the same thing as Flock.

I’ll take a look in a mo to see if I can find extensions to give the same functionality, if so, it kinda makes Flock = Firefox + bloatware.

Well, it seems I’ve found the extensions needed to give me the ‘social’ functions that Flock has included, but where Flock is around 10MB, Firefox and the extensions probably add up to around 6.5MB (all before installation). So which extensions give the same functionality?

  • buttons – Add a couple of buttons to the toolbar which allow you to tag sites and add them to your bookmarks. It’s an official extension too.
  • Scribefire – Since Flock is a ‘social browser’, blogging to different services like WordPress and blogger is part of the browser, Scribefire allows you to post to your blog in pretty much the same way, with just a click of an icon.
  • Wizz RSS News Reader – Not particularly a social thing, but since Firefox doesn’t have an in-built feed reader anymore, this is a good alternative.
  • Firefox Universal Uploader – Great if you want to upload stuff to Flickr, YouTube, Picasa and even Facebook plus a few more.

The media bar and web clipboard are things I could do without since the media bar is another resource hog and I personally have no use for the web clipboard and there doesn’t seem to be a Firefox extension for something similar, so I guess not a lot of people are interested either.

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